Sunday, April 14, 2013

SIX words.

assalammualaikum everybody.
so, how's your day ?
dah lama tak ber blog walking kat blog blog korang.
already 1.25 am and I'm wide awake.

Allahu. Allahu.
Shaheeda banyak fikir sangat ni.
over thinking just make my self down down.
omo. why should I ?

Ya Allah, I'm getting better.
Alhamdulillah for this pain.
this pain is actually a gift. a truly gift from You.
please make me stronger to face all this.

I know You're the one who gonna heal all this.
thanks for give me this one person.
who are never ever give up to give me support, advice.
I really really appreciate him.

tiap malam menangis and he never get tired bila bercerita tentang hal yang sama.
which is good. 
syukran. syukran,
a big thanks.

"I demand an apology."
I don't know to whom I refer to.
for those people yang buat mata, hati ini menangis maybe ?

I don't want to live like that.
please guide me, Ya Allah.
I wanna be happy like others.
But I know if I live my life for the sake of happiness, I won't be happy in the hereafter.

Ya Allah, give me strength to keep going.
You're the answer to my prayers, 
the calm after the storms, and
the solution of my problems.

and for you,
semoga Allah menjaga setiap langkah awak.
may Allah grant your with all the happiness in this world.
Even tough you're not with me but with her.

omo. I'm crying.
Ya Allah, hilangkan lah perasaan ini.
Sungguh aku pohon.
You counting my tears, you know that I have been patient all this time.
You know. You know every single things about me.

last two night, I dream about his mother.
Allah, keep her safe. Give her a very good health.
so sudden mimpi.
I don't know why.
something bad is going on ?
omo. please don't.

so many things to regret.
but still.
I love my family so much.
they're my strengthness.
please keep them safe.
I just can't bear to face any losses.
please don't take people that I love more than myself.

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